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Organization and Staff

The basic elements of Srer Khmer's organizational structure and the management are as follows:

  • A Board of Directors oversees and sets policy including Srer Khmer Statutes, Personal Policy and Financial Policy for the organization, meets every four months to monitor Srer Khmer's activities and give feedback to the Executive Director who is responsible to the Board. The Board may have five to nine members and can call extraordinary meetings if necessary take action on urgent matters should the need arise.
  • The Executive Director is responsibility for all day-to-day activities, programs, projects and staff.
  • The Management Committee consists of the Executive Director (Chairman), Project Team Leaders and the Admin/Finance Officer has the role of coordinating and assisting the Director with day-to-day activities.
  • At the moment, Srer Khmer has some 50 full time staff members including technical staff, support staff and graduate (intern) trainees. Ten (10) of them are women. Srer Khmer also has 1 Volunteer from Australia Volunteers supported by AusAID to assist with program/organization development and community development.

Our Current Key Supported Staff Members

Program Management Unit: Cambodians

1. Meach Centmill, Executive Director, has a BSC. (Agronomy). He has over 10 years experience in community development, sustainable agriculture, climate change, DRR, IPM, agriculture extension and farmer life school training. 

2. Chhun Sophorn, Senior Program Support Officer, hold BSC. (Agriculture) MSC. (Agriculture and Rural Development). He has more than 10 years of experience with on climate change, DRR, participatory plant breeding, SRI, and community development works with farmers.

3. Eng Sokhen, Senior Program Support Officer, has a BSC (Agronomy). He has over 10 years experience in community development, sustainable agriculture, climate change, DRR, IPM, agriculture extension and farmer life school training.

 4. Chho Lypao, Head of Operation, has a BSc. (Finance) and has more than 7 years experience in administration and finance.

In addition to key staff experience, Srer Khmer has other field staff and a network of contacts and specialists it can call upon to assist with expertise and advice on any particular topic or problem should the need arise.

Institutional Strengthening Advisor:

1. Victor Onions, Senior Advisor, MA Natural Sciences & Economics, Dublin University, Ireland and a Post Grad. Diploma in Tropical Agriculture, University West Indies, Trinidad, has worked under VIDA and AVI support to Srer Khmer over the past 6 years and has over 30 years experience in public and private sector agriculture and natural resource development, agribusiness, small business and marketing development in Kiribati, Fiji and Australia before coming to Cambodia. Starting from 2011, Victor is Voluntary Senior Advisor with Srer Khmer (after 6 six years assignment supported by AVI and VIDA) and  works on institutional development, and project proposals for sustainable agriculture, natural resource management and community development.

2. Pou Sovann, Advisor, has a BSC (Agronomy), MSC. (Management) and M.A. & Ph.D. (Public Administration) with more than 20 years experience in a variety of community development and participation, program development, institutional development strengthening, capacity building and training, and extensive background and skills in designing, managing, monitoring and evaluation of development programs with further experience on poverty related issues and policy impact assessment. Sovann has worked for Pact Cambodia, UNDP/PMATU/MOP, Church World Service, 24hour Television Charity Committee and National Resource Management Forum as well as several teaching and consulting assignments.


1. Jamie Quilliam, Bachelor of Agriculture Business Management and has completed a Diploma and Advance Diploma in Agriculture at TAFE. Jamie has practical farming experience in beef, diary and cropping. He joined Srer Khmer for one year assigment from June 2016 to May 2017.

2. Joaquin Barata, Master of Environment, specializing in Climate Change from the University of Melbourne. He's especially interested in internship opportunities at Srer Khmer as Climate Change Internship. He is a Spanish national, living in Cambodia, and have extensive travel experiences across Africa, Middle East and Latin America with work experience in Spain, Australia and Cambodia. He is a highly skilled professional with 4 years’ experience of working in the diving industry and technical expertise in aquaculture. He also have experience in organizing cultural events, technical production and managing a diverse range of teams and work well in a multi-cultural environment and in a team setting. He is able to use modern management tools effectively for research, analysis and reporting purposes and for project visibility.


1. Hannah Neumayer, Project Development Advisor, Bachelor of Arts, Australian National University. She joined Srer Khmer for one year assignments finished in March 2015.

2. Troy Bogaart, Bachelor of International Business from Griffith University. He joined Srer Khmer in April 2011 to be based with our Program team in Phnom Penh. He works as Project Management Advisor. He will be working with Srer Khmer for 18 Months assignment and was finished his assignment since August 2013. Wish him all the best for his future endower. 

3. Jyoti Felix, Bachelor of Science from University of Tasmania. She joined with Srer Khmer on the project Civil Society and Pro-Poor Market based in Kampong Speu province. She has a one year assignment with the project started from July 2009 and finished since June 2010. She is from Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD).

4. Nicholas Haines, Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences and Master of Development Practice from University of Queensland. He joined with Srer Khmer on the the Project funded by NPA based in Banteay Meanchey province. He has one year assignment with the project started from 26 October 2009 and finished on September 2010. He is from Australian Youth Ambassadors from Development (AYAD). After finishing the work with AYAD he joined VIDA until the assignment is finished in October 2012.

5. Yvette Crafti, Project Officer, from Australian Youth Ambassador for Development (AYAD) is joining Srer Khmer in Battambang province. She obtained Bachelor of Arts in Politics from Monash University and Master of Social Sciences (International Development) from RMIT, Melbourne. She is going to start her assignment from 1 October 2007 until the April 2008 as the project funded by FSIF-CIDA is completed. By then, she moved to work for another LNGO in Battambang until her assignment is finished in August 2008.

6. Sam Roseby- Agricultural Development Officer from AYAD/AusAID, work in Banteay Meanchey province. He has Bachelor of Laws and Natural Resources Management from the Australian National University (ANU). He finished his one year assignment in August 2007. Now he is in Australia.

7. Dominic Jenkin, Bachelor of environmental engineering joined Srer Khmer with the project on Integrated Farming and Marketing Systems in Siem Reap. He finished his one year assignment with the project started from July 2008 and finished his assignment on June 2009. He is from Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD).


1. Pou Sovann, Executive Director, 2004-2014. He has finished his mandate with Srer Khmer.

2. Mr. Yech Polo, Executive Director of Srer Khmer/Founder, January 2002-December 2003. He was passed away on December 2005 of Brain cancer. We were deeply saddened by his passing away and we prayed that his soul rests in peace. We shall always remember him.

3. Mr. Robert Nugent, Former FAO Community IPM Project Manager, is the one who spent much time to support on the process the project localization to NGO after the project was ended in late 2001.

4. Mrs. Yim Vuthang, is a founder of Srer Khmer and also left for Netherlands with her Dutch husband in 2003.

Head Office Address

#119 D, Street: 364, Sangkat: Tuol Svay Prey II, Khan: Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.
P.O. Box: 1517, Phnom Penh

Tel: (855-23) 210 217
Fax: (855-23) 220 598
E-mail: (program) Or (administration and finance)
@2011Srer Khmer registered with Ministry of Interior of the Royal Government of Cambodia, Registration Number 014 Sor Chor Nor, dated on January, 09 2002